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How to Plan the perfect baby shower

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Throwing a baby shower!


A baby shower is a popular way of celebrating a new baby, where friends, work colleagues and family members gather to congratulate the mum-to-be, play games and eat. A new baby means new expenses, and a baby shower is the perfect way for friends and family to extend a helping hand.

You may be reading this because you have promised to throw a BABY SHOWER for your friend, and the pressure is now on! Here is where you will find some popular and very useful ideas to keep you on track.

Baby showers are the perfect way to help expectant parents replenish their supply of essential baby items.



What to do first?

Generally a baby shower is held as the Mum approaches her Maternity Leave, approximately 1-2 months prior to the arrival of the baby.

Set a Budget - We know all too well when it comes to welcoming new born babies into the world and planning a special day which the Mum to be will remember, budgets usually go out the window, but to ensure you’re not left with a large bill, decide who is paying for this and if the shower costs will be split between friends and/or family members. You will be surprised at how many close friends and relatives will want to help out and contribute.

Select a DATE, TIME and LOCATION. Remember this must be convenient for the Mum to be, as well as the Grandmas and other important family members. There is no point in organising a shower if the main relatives cannot attend. The location and parking are also important, and the big event can be held at a relative’s or friend’s house, a local community hall, or hotel. Generally anywhere as long it’s not the expectant Mum’s house, as we cannot expect the new mummy to lift a finger at her baby shower.

Send out INVITATIONS a good 2 months in advance to give everyone plenty of notice, and you may also wish to consider if the Baby Shower will have a certain theme, for example Seasonal (such as Easter), Nursery Rhyme, Disney, or Peter Rabbit.

Organise Food & Drinks (pregnancy safe) for the day – decide if you will be organising a lunch or an afternoon tea style shower with cupcakes and home bakes, or ask the venue to provide these for you if your budget allows.

Decorations – You may wish to look into bunting and table favours. Remember you can bring the costs down and make these yourself, for example you can have a piece of string and attach childhood photos of the mum to be and guests when they were babies to this string with little pegs. This will come in handy for a game later on, where the Mum has to guess her guests’ respective photos. You can also use string and pegs to hang up some baby essentials such as hats, socks, mittens, bibs and nappies, which will come in very useful for Mum to use after the party.

Long Distance – If there is a friend or family member who cannot be there to share the special day, why not try to Facetime or Skype them in for part of it.

Here comes the fun part – GAMES!

What better way to fill in the time between the gifts, food and refreshments!

  • Start off with an ice breaker, you can split the guests into small teams, where they can complete a quiz to see who knows Mum the best.
  • You can then move onto offering the guests to share their wishes for the new born and mum to be, onto special keepsake cards.
  • Move onto baby word find, this is a great game to keep up the lively atmosphere, where one team will start to explain a baby essential item and the other has to guess what is being described - this is sure to give your guests a good giggle.
  • Some more playful activities include; Baby Bingo, Guess the flavour of baby food, who can drink (water or milk) out of a baby bottle the quickest, pin the dummy on the baby, and guess mummy’s bump size with string or special tape.
  • Lastly, have a baby prediction pot or jar, where guests can guess the baby’s name (and gender if it’s not already known!), weight and arrival date and time before they leave.
  • You may also want to consider gifts for the winners of the baby shower games, such as sweeties or a keepsake candle or bracelet.



Time for Gifts – Nappy cakes and Hampers

Generally it’s a lovely idea to give a gift to the mum-to-be, which you can do as an individual or with a group of friends. Speak to your friends and see if they want to contribute to a gift collection. Beloved offer a range of gift options such as hampers and nappy cakes, which make great centrepieces at a Baby Shower and have the added bonus of containing lots of items which will come in handy when baby arrives!

Mum may wish to open the gifts at the start of the shower or wait until the end of the day. Remember the guests have spent a lot of time and effort selecting a very special and maybe personalised gift for the expectant Mum and of course the precious arrival, and would love to see the burst of excitement when Mum opens each gift. This also gives Mum the opportunity to personally thank everyone.

Lastly, baby shower favours – this can be anything from a small gift bag filled with a thank you card for your guests, chocolates, a candle to light when baby is born or a keyring / charm.

Please feel free to share your own ideas in the Comments section below, and look out for my next blog post on some unique gift ideas for Mum and Baby.





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