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A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

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Pregnancy Journals are becoming more and more popular for Mums-to-be, who wish to make preparations for motherhood, capturing every moment during each stage of pregnancy and recording those milestones.  Also known as a Bump Diary, and you can start your entries right from the very early days of pregnancy through to baby’s first birthday.

Each Pregnancy is Unique

A Pregnancy Journal is a great idea for Mums to document everything that has happened, what they have felt, and all the memories that pregnancy brought.  This is great for medical purposes and to re-live the pregnancy with your child after he or she is born, almost like a story book.  A Journal is also a lovely idea, say for instance if your partner works offshore or away from home - he can read through the Journal upon his return and won’t miss a moment of your journey together.  Remember to note down those food cravings and add your ultrasound scans. 

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The Pregnancy Journal will help you to express your feelings, and also record dates, appointments (medial and antenatal), facts, and findings.  You may also wish to start documenting a birthing plan and share your expectations, along with a list for your hospital bag as these thoughts jump into your head (look out for our next blog on what to pack in your hospital bag for ideas and suggestions).  You may also wish to give your bump a ‘name’ and record which books you have read to your bump and the music you played too, this will help you build a bond with your baby.

These Journals will help you record special messages and gifts once baby arrives, as well as baby’s weight and height. 

Baby Milestones

You can also keep a photo diary of your bump (or create a video diary) as your bump grows each month.  You can keep this to look back on and also to create a homemade photo collage.  You can make this more fun buy asking a loved one to join in and help take the photos or recordings.

Milestone cards are a fantastic way to help record a photo diary of your baby once he or she has arrived, such as baby’s first day home from hospital, first bath, smile, words and steps etc.  Beloved will also be adding these items to our range very soon, so please check back with us!

Creating a keepsake

There are many Pregnancy Journals available to purchase in book stores and online.  Beloved have handpicked one of the best available to save you time in searching for the right Journal. We will also soon be offering ‘Just Found out you’re pregnant gifts’ to the range.  Look out for our Journals and memorable keepsake boxes!  Our ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ keepsake box will help expecting Mums to store those important documents, scan photos, and once baby has arrived – baby’s first tooth, curl, socks, mittens, hospital bracelet, and any other precious little things that will help you savour those first memories.   

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You can also make a Journal yourself, but many mums we’ve spoken to have told us they’d prefer to have a readymade one, as this will keep you on track and help you record many entries you maybe would not have thought of. 

If you are having a Baby Shower, a message book for all of your guests to share their well wishes to you and the baby is another great keepsake that you can look back on for years to come.

Pregnancy is an incredibly important time in a woman’s life, a time of many changes and transformations, and you may wish to take note so you can look back and reflect.  A lot of mums have told us that they still write in their Pregnancy Journal on each birthday as the child grows older, so receiving one as a gift is likely to be remembered for years to come.  Now all you need to do is find the time to jot down these sweet memories, express yourself and connect with your body. 

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  • lesley on

    I really wish I had one of these when I was pregnant with my first, however I don’t think I really knew much about them. It’s such a great idea and if I have another baby, I will definitely be buying one of these, unless someone buys one for me of course, which would be a really nice thought.

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