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What to pack in your hospital bag?

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What to pack in your hospital bag?

Mums-to-be are best to prepare their hospital bag 2-4 weeks prior to your due date. Did you know that only 4% of babies are born on their due date? So now is the time to be organised and in this post you will find some items that may be very useful in your own hospital bag. 

  • First on our list is your Maternity and medical notes.
  • Dressing Gown – can be wrapped around you for when you have any visitors. However, do remember hospitals are generally very cosy temperature wise, so best to take a light one.
  • Flip flops - yes you have guessed it, to walk to the bathroom and shower in, as the floors can sometimes be a bit unpleasant. You may also wish to take some antibacterial wipes too.
  • PJs / night dress.
  • Food and Drink - you may wish to pack a few small snacks and fruit juice or flavoured water, however you should always check with your midwife first, should you want to snack during labour.
  • I-pod / playlist - remember any music you may like to listen to that you find calming during labour.
  • Mobile, camera and chargers - to capture those life changing moments and to share the news with your family and friends on the birth of your new arrival.
  • Bikini - if you plan for a water birth.
  • Underwear – comfortable pants and a supportive bra, including nursing bras if you plan to breast feed.
  • Face Cloth - will come in handy for keeping you cool, you can soak in cold water or a cooling spray (water in a bottle with a nozzle top will also work just fine).
  • Standard toiletries - you may also want to include moisturiser and Vaseline for your lips to keep them moist. We recommend Burt’s Bees ultra-conditioning lip balm, a hair brush and clips to keep the hair off your face.
  • Sanitary and breast pads.
  • Lounge clothes - we all want to be the Mum in the films, dressed to perfection after giving birth, however let's face it the chances are you will be reaching for a pair of joggers or similar (something lightweight and flexible).
  • Nipple cream (we recommend Lansinoh) based on a recent Mums survey.
  • Birthing Ball for use during labour.
  • Hand-held fan.
  • TENS machine, if you plan to use one for pain relief.

For Baby, we would suggest packing a hat, mittens, and a couple of baby grows (newborn and a 0-3 month size).  Blankets and Muslin cloths will also come in handy.  Remember to take plenty of Nappies - we use pampers size 2 in our nappy cakes but would suggest a smaller size for a newborn, such as pampers new baby or size 1.  Most importantly remember the car seat to take baby home in. 

Not your first baby?  You could also pack a gift for the baby to give to his older brother or sister when they come to visit. 

Please feel free to leave us a comment and let others know what you packed or what you personally found useful...

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  • Amie Wilson on

    I am just in the process of packing my bag with only a few weeks to go! My tooth brush and toothpaste were one of the first things to go in…!! Also a contact list for hubby with the information he needs to remember to share – can only imagine it’s easy to forget who you have told what after a few calls x

  • Fiona Buchan on

    Eye mask and ear plugs!!!

    You could be in for a few days before the baby is born depending on circumstances. And my little boy was in neo natal for a few days after birth and unfortunately I was on the ward with other mum’s and babies instead of my own room so these were a god send!! x

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