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25 signs you are getting older

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25 signs you are getting older

Ok, so we recently read a blog post called ’35 things every woman should know by 35’ and over at Beloved HQ we couldn’t resist on putting our own spin on this over a cuppa this morning!

So here we go, here’s our Top 25 things every woman should know by 35.  Sorry we didn’t have time to make a list of 35 things, but feel free to comment below with your own ‘top things every woman should know’ and we can continue to build this list together! 

Turning 35 is still very young, unless you compare this to your mother and look at what she achieved by this age.  My Mum married at 21 years and had me, her first at 25 years, followed by my brother at 28 years.  So when I, her Daughter aged 32 years, recently married last September with no kids, you can imagine the hot topic of conversation is ‘grandbabies’.

Have we learned a few valuable life lessons by 35?

  1. Nicknames – some make you feel special or loved and others well they can be annoying! I think it’s safe to say most people have a nickname and some may last longer than you had initially planned! That’s correct, it’s now probably too late to persuade your friends, family and work colleagues to start using your real name!  My friends call me Fi, I won’t detail what my hubby calls me as this will embarrass him, and my Dad calls me toots, (which I have to say still makes me smile), well that’s it for life!
  1. You have to exercise! You maybe don’t realise it but slowly you start to put on weight and when you go to try on a dress you managed to fit into last March and realise it doesn’t fit anymore, you ask yourself where has this come from?  My jeans still fit, they must be super stretchy!  Dammit!  It now takes a Pilates, Body Balance, Body Tone, Body Combat and a Spin class each week to help you shrink a little.  I tell myself I will get back into those bad boys!

Pilates classes

  1. You are no longer welcome in New Look, Top Shop or River Island for that matter. Let’s just accept the fact that crop tops, wild printed leggings, short skirts and tight dresses are going to do nothing for you.
  1. Food, Recipes and Meal Planning are hot topics with your friends! You spend a good few hours a week planning your meals, planning your food shopping, trying and sharing new recipes. Anyone have a recipe sharing whats app group with their friends?
  1. Did you know ‘Duvet Days’ are just a day off for personal well being!? Well I have to say we love our beds and duvets more than anything in the World and 5-6 hours sleep is not enough!

Duvet Days

  1. You can count your true friends on one or two hands if you are lucky! You may have over 300 friends on Facebook and many followers on Instagram, but in fact you only have 6 or 7 friends you can truly count on! Take a quick look at your 'Facebook Friends' and ask yourself how many would you actually go out of your way to speak to in the Street or Supermarket? You guessed it, your answer is probably only half of that number. 
  1. You dance like your Mum, that’s right on a girl’s night out or at a friends recent wedding, you find yourself shuffling, going from one hip to the other on the same spot of the dancefloor whilst the person next to you is pulling off a twerk. That’s right we have invented the Mum dance!
  1. The best way to get anything at work or in your personal life is to just ask for it! A promotion or pay rise are not usually offered to you on a plate, you need to prove yourself.  Your Birthday is coming up and your husband is not a mind reader, so you start leaving little hints as you know exactly what you want.
  1. You’ve stopped saying sorry. We don’t need to always agree with each other. We don’t need to always please each other, over-apologising is sometimes used in awkward situations.  The next time ask yourself ‘Did I do something wrong?” The chances are you did not.
  1. I'll double up on that. You find that perfect dress and then buy it in every colour!  It was just last year I spent months searching for a pair of trainers and tan ankle boots when I had to stop myself buying two pairs ‘to keep when the first pair get worn as I love them so much’.  I have however purchased dresses, jumpers, tops and cardigans in different colours. 
  1. The value of having friends older than you. They say old friends are the best!  This can be friends you have made at work, the gym, or various groups or classes.  I have a great bunch of friends from 30 years – 58 years and the older ones always have the best advice!  They are also very inspirational, wise and humorous! They make me laugh the most!

Older Friends

  1. You love to floss and by this we do not mean the ‘floss dance’. My husband loves to floss as much as I do and this I love!


  1. You can no longer drink a bottle of wine and feel fine the next day. On a night out after a few too many you start to panic about the following morning’s hangover.  You start to plan for a hangover.  Right I had better clean the whole house, do the food shop, make a meal and pop it in the freezer as tomorrow might be a write off!  We have all been there!


  1. You stop caring about what other people think, you sometimes don’t have a filter. If something or someone is annoying you, just tell them.  Life is too short after all!
  1. Cheap skincare is not for you and you find yourself spending ££’s on the latest eye creams and make-up because it must work!

Skincare routine

  1. You start sounding like your Mum! You pass a teenager with bare legs and no jacket in February at midnight and hear yourself repeating “she must be freezing and will catch a cold wearing that”
  1. A fun Friday night to you is staying in with a take-away and a good film or book.
  1. You no longer listen to the Radio station you have been for the past 10 years, suddenly you are switching from Radio 1 to Classic FM.
  1. Grey hairs started about 10 years too early and if you need to save money and drop one treatment it will not be your hair dresser, yes you guessed it I would rather wax myself from head to toe, gel my own nails and pluck my brows before I colour and style my own hair.
  1. Look sharp with your Ray-Bans. Did you know Elton John has over a thousand pairs of sunglasses!?  International Sunglasses day is on the 27th of June 2019 people so get your ‘sunnies’ ready!  We end up wearing these not only on sunny days but to the gym, the supermarket, to wash the car, on a walk, to lunch, to a wedding, in fact anytime we can get away with it! 
  1. You stop taking selfies and start taking photos of every item of food you eat on a day or night out. You start documenting a new recipe or dish you have recently tried for inspiration for your insta followers.  
  1. You start watching Martin Lewis money show and start taking his advice
  1. You start to worry about your pension and wish you put more away in your 20’s! Because now I won’t be able to afford an annual cruise in my 60s!
  1. Dressing for comfort and warmth. Or in some cases for a day out, piling the car with a few outfits in case you get too hot or too cold. 
  1. It’s perfectly acceptable to sit at concerts, right?
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Thanks for reading our blog post, if you have your own ideas, comment below and give us a giggle!
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