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Baby Boxes – What are your thoughts?

Baby Boxes Mother and Baby Mums-to-be

What is a baby box?

Baby boxes are a useful first gift for expectant parents, and are essentially a starter kit full of supplies for new born baby, all contained in a handy little box.  Finnish mothers have been receiving these boxes from the government for years and now they are being rolled out across the globe!  Studies have shown that these boxes help reduce infant mortality rates across the world. 

What’s included in the boxes?

The boxes can include items such as; a mattress, fitted sheet, baby grows, bibs, nappies, mittens, toys, teething items, sleeping bag; basically any essentials a new Mum will find useful for the first few months of motherhood. Once you remove all of the products you can place the mattress on the bottom of the box for baby to sleep on.  These boxes can be decorated in any colour or print and made to any size. Plastic boxes can also be used as a bath for baby instead of a bed.

 Baby Box Essentials

But wait, there are more benefits

The baby boxes are portable, and more affordable than a Moses basket or crib.  They have been known to lower the risk of sleep related causes of infant death.  It creates a safe place for baby to sleep at night, and once baby outgrows the box it can be used to store essential baby items, or even as a toy box.  These boxes are widely used across the world, especially in developing countries where they help to address problems such as infection and suffocation.  In some parts of South East Asia for example mosquito nets are draped over the boxes, minimising the risk of malaria. The boxes can also enable mothers to keep their little ones in the bedroom with them, which can help with bonding with their baby.

Publicity quickly followed

Publicity was on the rise with the maternity packages receiving such a positive response, and the timing seemed perfect with the Royal Baby, therefore the Finnish Government sent a Finnish Baby Box when the Royal Couple were expecting their first. It was reported that the palace does not accept gifts from commercial organisations, but is happy to receive presents from individuals and foreign governments.

A Pilot baby box project was also created a few months ago at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in London, with around 600 boxes being prepared to be given to all mothers who give birth at the hospital over the next few months, in collaboration with the US Company – Baby Box Co.

What can New Mums expect?

It was announced a couple of months ago that Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party hope to offer free ‘Baby Boxes’ that will cost the Government £100 per box (similar to Finland’s Maternity Package) to new parents in her bid to tackle infant poverty rates in Scotland. 

Over to you…

So what are your thoughts?

Would you use a baby box?

Or do you think taxpayer's money could be better spent?

Please feel free to let us know in the Comments below.

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  • Kate Strachan on

    I really like this idea and think any new parent would love to get this when baby comes. I know I would definitely have used all the items in the box!! Buying for newborns can be so expensive so any help from the government when you’re starting off can only be a good thing?! I don’t know if I would use the box for sleeping….not sure about that!! I loved the Moses basket, something so nice about baby falling asleep in them!

  • Leanne Wilson on

    What a fab post! I love this idea and don’t think a lot of tax payers would mind seeing as it would be helping infants! I certainly wouldn’t. I would have totally used one for my wee girl when she was a baby had I known about these, so handy and useful! Xx

  • Clare Davidson on

    What an amazing idea! I went into labour early and had absolutely no essentials ready for my new arrival. To have received this would have been amazing! Also great it is all things you can use. As well as you won’t then need to spend the next 5 years deleting all the unwanted junk mail from website you’ve signed up to for freebies..
    I think my favourite would be the bath as the idea of putting my baby to sleep in a box… Is a little… Strange.
    Definitely something I think could benefit so many people ?

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