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Baby massage classes are not only important for bonding with your baby, but they also help soothe and calm your baby.  These classes will also help parents to get out of the house and meet other parents in their local area.  There may be many options available to you, such as Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Reflexology for baby, Baby Sensory and Swimming; the list is endless and you are best to ask your midwife to find out what is available in your local area. 

Baby massage has many benefits, and helps parents learn to relax, calm and soothe baby.  It can also help with pain relief for colic, trapped wind, and teething.  The bonding promoted by massage can help the parents become more confident in handling baby.  Baby massage can also be a great way for other family members to bond with baby, helping to settle baby and research has shown massage can also help baby sleep better too. 

Baby Massage Classes Aberdeen

Baby Massage in the Aberdeen Area

Laura Henderson from ‘Bonding with Baby’ is a certified Infant Massage Instructor and Rhythm Kids Teacher and winner of the Best Post-Natal Activity in the UK, providing a local service in and around Aberdeen.  Laura offers parent education courses in Infant Massage and Rhythm Kids, supporting parents to understand baby’s non-verbal communication.   In a relaxing and supportive environment, parents are encouraged to come along and learn new skills with baby.  These classes are baby-led, therefore parents can respond to their needs as they would at home.  Bonding with Baby classes are suitable from birth to pre-crawling stage and take place over 6 weeks with a maximum of 12 parents and babies in each class, with each session lasting 1.5 hours.

Laura also runs Rhythm Kids classes which are suitable from 3 months to the pre-walking stage.  This is a baby exercise and rhyme programme to support baby's language, memory and physical development to encourage them to roll, sit, crawl and walk!  Laura’s classes help provide ideas to develop in the home to support your baby’s stage of development.

If you are interested in any of Laura’s classes, please visit her website for further details. 

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Bonding with Baby Aberdeen

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