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Fitness After Birth

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Fitness After Birth

Many women continue working out and training whilst they are pregnant but after birth this is something that is at the back of many women’s minds.  You may be thinking....

When will I start working out? 

Do I have the time and energy? 

How will I lose some of this baby weight?

After childbirth women are recommended to take it easy for six weeks depending on the labour and birth, as this will vary.  These six weeks are known as the healing phase. 

Excercising after birth will depend on how fit you were before giving birth and if you managed regular exercise up until the end of your pregnancy. 

Prams in the Park

You can begin by going out for walks with the pushchair, sling or carrierPrams in the park is a great group to join and classes are available across Aberdeen and the shire.  Rebel PT (an outdoor fitness club) offer these effective all-in-one outdoor sessions which not only help to improve your back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, but also give you the chance to get out of the house and meet other Mums in your area.  Similar classes are available further South, such as Buggyfit and Buggy Boot Camp mainly in England. 

Once your pelvic floor muscles are stronger, you may wish to start attending classes such as Yoga and Pilates.  Pilates is a great way to help gradually balance, strengthen and stretch your body, focussing on key areas such as your pelvic floor muscles, tummy and back, helping you build a stable core.  

Baby Swimming Lessons

Once you have had your postnatal check-up and spoken with your Health visitor you may wish to start swimming. This is great for a full body workout and is not too strenuous, and you can also take baby swimming too. You may wish to wait until baby has been vaccinated, however the NHS advises you can take your baby swimming at any age, both before and after they have been vaccinated.  You can take a partner, friend or family member with you too, which means you can all enjoy the benefits of swimming and share the experience of baby’s first memories in the water, as this will also allow you to swim a few extra lengths of the pool whilst baby is being cared for.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and taking up regular exercise will give you the best chance of returning to a healthy weight.  Remember not to exercise on an empty stomach and wear appropriate and supportive clothing.  Breastfeeding may also help you to lose your pregnancy weight, as you will naturally burn calories to make breast milk each time you nurse.

Most important of all, give yourself ‘Me’ time and only do what feels right for you and your baby.  Pick an activity that you enjoy and feel comfortable with and get your friends involved too.  You don’t need a babysitter, as baby can come along to many classes, but you are best to contact your local health centre for recommendations or speak with your local gym. 

**Look out for our next blog on the most popular baby classes and how to carry your baby in a sling or carrier**

We always love to hear from our customers and new visitors, so please feel free to comment below with any fitness tips or classes you enjoyed before, during or after birth.

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  • Nicola on

    Being able to get out and active after having a baby is so important for both you and baby! Fitness classes which allow you to take your baby along is a fabulous idea! Meeting other like minded mums who can swap stories, relate to each other and get fit at the same time is fab! Having been to Rebel Prams I can also confirm that a session is normally followed by a coffee and chat afterwards so a great way to meet new friends and everyone is very friendly so if there is something similar in your area try it out – you won’t regret it!

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