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It’s not often we meet with local businesses to share with you the benefits of what they can offer, because our followers are global and we try to keep our content relevant for everyone.  However, when I met Lydia at a Women into Business Event, I was drawn in by her unique mother and daughter team concept and wanted to find out more.  When I did, I decided I just had to blog about this and tell others!

Fitness Her Way provide Pilates and yoga classes for women of all ages.  There is no age limit - their eldest customer proving this point at 94 years old!  Well, I hope I am still fit enough to attend fitness classes when I reach the grand old age of 94.

Fitness Classes for elderly

Lydia is an Antenatal Fitness Specialist and works alongside her Mum Laura who delivers classes for the older adult, which includes strengthening and balance classes to help those who have a fear of falling over and menopause fitness and support. 

Fitness Her Way is aimed at all females.  These are not weight-loss classes; the classes on offer are health-focussed and address many areas of the body.  Classes are pilates inspired, pelvic and core strengthening led.  Pelvic girdle pain will be addressed, as well as restoring from the core.  More intense classes are offered for the post-natal group. 

Pregnancy Classes

What are the Benefits?  Well this is what we wanted to get straight into!

Classes help with post-natal depression, split tummy muscles and back pain.  Ouch!  These classes not only have a physical benefit, but they are also good for the mind.  Helping Mums get out of the house, meeting other Mums, making new friends and socialising, are all such positive ways to help you get through motherhood. 

Post-Natal Classes

Of course, Mums can bring along baby to the post-natal classes, so you don’t need to stress about finding a sitter.  They are very relaxed and informal, if you need to feed baby or change a nappy for example, you can go ahead and do this during the class. 

What can you expect?

With 55-minute classes, block bookings and membership options available, these classes are intimate with a maximum of 10 people per class.  1 to 1’s are available to discuss your goals and speakers are brought in from time to time to provide members with advice in nutrition etc.  Some classes are held in the evening to fit around today’s busy lifestyles. 

Fitness Her Way are in the process of rolling out online classes for 6-week periods, with weekly videos, which will cover pre and post-natal and menopause-based exercises for you to ty at home. 

Simply visit their website for further information

For those who live outwith Aberdeen, see the link above as Fitness Her Way will be releasing their online videos soon!  Lydia has also suggested contacting your local gyms and community / leisure / sports centres to see if they can provide you with specific pre and post-natal classes or point you in the right direction.  Always check out the instructor’s qualifications, look for any recommendations and ask if you can come along and try out your first session for free. 

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog.  If you have any advice or suggestions, please comment below.


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