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How to become a Mummy Blogger

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Are you thinking of starting a Mummy Blog? 

There are many Mums new and expecting who have admitted they enjoy reading blog posts from other Mums on their pregnancy stories and motherhood experiences, and want to set up their own, but they just don’t know how to take that leap!

Let us give you a few stepping stones to help you along the way.  Blogging is a great way to share your stories with friends and family and pretty much the rest of the world (depending on the reach you receive).  You can provide advice for others, share your parenting skills and can also provide product reviews for items you have tried and tested.  It’s even possible to start a career and to make money from blogging. 

How to become a Mummy Blogger

First of all you need to establish a platform you would like to use to start blogging from.  There are free platforms as well as paid for ones.  WordPress is a great platform to use and lets you select a theme and a domain name; some themes are free and others as little as £2.50 per month.  Or take a look at Weebly or which are both free. 

Know who your target audience is!

Choose your theme and domain name (your personal blog address) – remember to make this relevant and memorable for followers.  Have a quick search on the internet once you have found a domain name you like, just to make sure it’s not similar to another or relates to something else which may be inappropriate. 

The blog itself!  Stick to topic - something you can blog about every day and not get bored of, keep it relevant to your target audience!  What do my followers want to read?  What are they interested in?  Create clear paragraphs, make some key words bold, this makes your blog scanable for those who maybe only have a few minutes to read your post.  It’s not all about the writing, remember to add in some photos – you can use your own or search online for free images, using Pixabay, Pexels or you can buy images from Adobe Stock or Shutterstock. 

As a guide we would aim to keep your posts to a 3-5 minute read, a maximum of 7 minutes! 

Keep it consistent, you can start with a blog once a week to keep your followers interested and then build this up to once a day.  Create a schedule and plan ahead, keep a notebook and write down quotes and experiences you want to share in your next blog post. 

Build your followers!  Forget using your personal social media accounts and set up new accounts for your blogs, through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  This is where you will share your blog posts and build your followers.  Over time, your followers will grow and you could have many people from all over the world reading your stories.

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Remember don’t be afraid to ask your followers to comment and share their thoughts – engagement is a positive thing for your blog and will help to achieve a wider reach.

Want to start a Career out of blogging?  Build your followers first and then you can start looking into different areas such as blogging for small companies, start-up businesses relevant to your followers, or carrying advertising or products reviews. 

Whatever you decide to do with your blog, have fun with it and be patient if it takes some time to build your followers.  If you’re interested in starting a blog and have found this article useful, or if you’re already blogging, feel free to share your thoughts below.

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