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March Meet The Maker 2018 Instagram Challenge

Instagram Challenge March Meet The Maker

March Meet The Maker Instagram Challenge is a great way to meet the people behind lots of small creative businesses!  It’s also a great way to learn about other makers you may be following!  So Beloved Creations HQ have decided to take part, albeit it a tad late, but here are some of the answers to Days 1 – 10!

Day 1 - You (well Me)!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Fiona or Fi as many people like to call me.  I have been running Beloved Creations for 2 years now, specialising in handcrafted mother and baby gifts, perfect for all new baby occasions. 

Nappy Cakes UKI have a great support network that help with the business, mainly my family.  I have just become engaged and as well as running a business, I am also trying to wedding plan, which has been great fun, as I am making a lot of wedding bits and bobs myself, with the materials I have here for Beloved Creations.

Day 2 - Where

Beloved Creations is based in Aberdeen.  I have a great workspace that I am slowly starting to grow out of.  Our home has also been taken over by the Business.  You will find an organised room filled with boxes, bubble wrap, nappies, hamper baskets and lots of fun toys and keepsakes.

Day 3 - How we started

Beloved Creations was born towards the end of 2015 inspired by the upsurge in the baby gift market and having made baby gifts for friends and family for years and years, I decided to take the plunge and set up my own business, which went live in March 2016, after 5-6 months of planning.  I was previously made redundant from the Oil & Gas Industry and this then gave me the opportunity to follow my dreams! The photo we have used below was from our very own baby shower showcase, used to help promote our gift range and other suppliers.

Baby Shower

Day 4 - Favourite to make

Oh this is a difficult one as there are so many, but I think a favourite has to be our 3 Tier Peter Rabbit Nappy Cake.  Peter Rabbit is such a hit!  Lots of care and attention to detail goes into every gift we make.  Everything is assembled by hand to ensure that the presentation is perfect – our aim is to create that genuine wow factor every time.

Peter Rabbit Nappy Cake

Day 5 - Photography

We work with a fantastic photographer in Aberdeen, his name is Graham Millar of Quartz Photography and my Fiancé’s uncle.  Graham did not know what a nappy cake was until I asked him to shoot the photos for the business launch.  Here’s a wee photo of us in action. 

Beloved Photos

Day 6 - Workspace 

I use a very large 6 foot table and a smaller 3 foot table for all of the handcrafting.  I have rolls of ribbon lined up on my work bench, bubble wrap and cellophane off to the side, including heaps of other essentials.  I have a yearly planner on the wall, along with marketing plans and a very long to do list.  I also like to work from a desk when I am responding to customers, updating the website, planning weekly content and amending my SEO.  I also work to the radio or one of my playlists created on spotify.

Work space



Day 7 - Routine

A typical Monday; I start the day with a very large cup of tea!  Followed by planning Beloved Creations content for the week across all social media channels, I may then create a newsletter, blog or tweak my SEO, and then the fun starts, where I start to make up all the orders that have come in over the weekend.  I will finish the day by checking stock levels and liaising with suppliers if I need to.  Monday's are never complete without a visit to the gym!  I just feel this kick starts your week and you have that feel good factor that carries into Tuesday!

Day 8 - Flatlay

I don’t usually do flatlays, but I decided to give it a bash for the challenge.  Here are some of the items you can find inside our hampers.  We hope you like it!

Flatlay Image

Day 9 - How it’s made

Well this would be giving away our big secret!  We have so many baby gifts that we handmake, but for this challenge, I have chosen our Baby Clothes Bouquets

Baby Clothes BouquetWe start by carefully selecting which colours the customer would prefer. This image is one of our Neutral Baby Clothes Bouquets.  We then make up the cardboard box that the bouquet will sit in and measure out the white wrap.  We then carefully select and organise each of the baby essentials which will later be rolled into beautiful flower like designs to create the bouquet.  Now we gather all of the wooden sticks which each item is wrapped around, along with our decorative rose buds and foam roses.

It takes some time and a lot of patience, but one by one, each item of clothing is rolled in a unique way to create the floral design and placed into the bouquet.  Once we have all items in place, we finish off our baby clothes bouquet with a butterfly and some leaves.

Then the bouquet is wrapped in cellophane with a beautiful bow and gift tag.

Day 10 - Time to relax

There are many things I like to do to relax, at the moment I would say my top 5 are; Pilates and Body Balance classes, meeting up with friends and family to have a good giggle, going for a walk with my Fiancé Steve and best of all Snowboarding – this completely takes my mind off of everything else in life, just for the day.

Snowboarding in Switzerland

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and my business.  Check out our Instagram Page for more details.  We will be posting daily updates throughout the month of March, as part of this challenge!












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