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Thinking about making a nappy cake?

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Have you ever wondered how to make a nappy cake or are you thinking of making a nappy cake? 

If so, have you also thought about how much you are prepared to spend and how you’re going to make sure you stick to your budget?  Whilst it might sound like a great idea, making a nappy cake can end up costing more than you think and taking a lot more time than you’d planned!

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Firstly, you’ll probably end up buying a lot more nappies than you really need – they’re generally sold in packs of 20-100, but the smaller packs tend to cost a lot more per nappy and don’t offer the best value.  Then there’s the small matter of choosing the right soft toy, not to mention finding high quality blankets and muslin cloths to include, plus essential items like booties, mittens, hats and bibs.  And what about the finishing touches – ribbon, a bow to make it look nice, cellophane to wrap it in?  It all adds up and before you know it you’ve visited a dozen different shops and spent way more than you wanted to!

Beloved mother and baby gifts

Beloved can take all of these hassles away and provide you with a beautiful handmade nappy cake at a much lower price than you’d expect – our nappy cakes start at just £19.99 – and we can customise any order for you if you want to add a personal touch, such as including extra items or swapping the Zebra soft toy for a Giraffe or a Monkey, the choice is yours!  And every nappy cake we make is beautifully wrapped with a gift tag, and delivered to your door absolutely FREE, ready for you to hand over the perfect gift.

So before you rush in and start buying all the things you need to make a nappy cake and wasting precious time watching YouTube videos on how to make a nappy cake, take a look at the wide selection of nappy cakes on offer at Beloved and find the perfect baby gift without the hassle!

How to make a nappy cake

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  • Fiona on

    Thanks for your comment Gemma. Your cake idea sounds wonderful and for the ears, it may be best to make this cake flat on a surface or board, so the ears stay in position. You could make a tiered nappy cake and have a minnie mouse theme to this, with the pink and black colours, and some white pok-a-dots, finished with a minnie soft toy or headband for the ears on top. Let us know if we can be of any further help.

  • Gemma on

    Im wanting to make a minni mouse ears shaped nappy cake for a friend but am alittle confused how to do it as I would imagine it would need some kind of backing or structure for it to stand but dont know how to do that….
    Any advice?

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