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Top tips to help organise your home with clever storage ideas

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Parent and organisation hacks for your home with smart storage ideas 

If you struggle like we do to keep your home tidy with all your kid’s toys and find yourself constantly picking up after everyone in your family then here are some of our top tips!

Now we believe in a clean home = clean mind and when my house is messy, I cannot concentrate, especially on those days I am working from home.  I need to get up early and spend a couple of hours cleaning first before I can finally open my laptop and start working.  Clutter stresses me out and my husband knows this well!

First of all assess what it is you need! Do you need more storage? 

If so, have a clear out of your cupboards and wardrobes first, start with one room at a time and work through one drawer at a time, don’t pull everything out and then after an hour find yourself staring at a complete mess and all you want to do is loose your cool and close the door to that room and run away.  Piece by piece start filtering through what it is you want to keep.   My motto is…if you have not used or worn it in the past 12 months, then it falls into one of these piles;

  • Charity Bag
  • Bin
  • Recycle
  • Shred

Apply the same method to your children but don’t demand they have to part with certain items unless they want to, teach them gratitude and how their act of kindness from parting with a toy could make another child very happy, let them say goodbye to their toys and place them into the charity bag and help you drop them off.  

Think about the furniture you have in your home, are there any ways you can incorporate storage into your furniture, adding drawers or under-bed pull out games and tables for your children.    

When you have a child, you tell yourself, I will not let them take over the house, and slowly but surely the toys, clothes and equipment start to grow without you realising!

Here are our tops organisation tips;

1.  Hanging Storage

Hanging Storage for the homeThese hanging storage solutions are great for you or your child’s cupboard. No mess or waiting for the handy man to arrive to help build shelves, just pop down to your nearest store or order online and you can neatly organise clothes or toys to be placed onto the fabric shelves.

2.  Craft supplies storage


Craft storageThese are usually used for hanging shoes onto the back of your cupboard or bedroom doors, but you can transform this into keeping craft supplies away from little hands.  Just make sure the scissors are placed at the top.  The utility room is also a great place to keep craft supplies.



3.  Kitchen storage ideas

Kitchen StorageGive the kids their own kitchen drawer or shelf, where they can store all of their baking essentials, this will make baking and cleaning up more fun! 


4.  Under bed storage

Pull out storage for kidsMany under-bed storage drawers come complete with a set of wheels, perfect for pulling out and using as extra storage, or you can create an under-bed train set or car racing track for your child, a super-fast and easy way to clear up toys. 


5.  Swoop Bags

Swoop BagsOur saviour…the swoop bags!  That’s right you can empty all the lego pieces you wish and then scoop them all up afterwards, no more hoovering up lego pieces and cursing under your breath as you stand on a piece of lego during the night, we all know how sore that is!  You can lay the bag flat for your child to play on and then in one swoop gather all the small pieces up for hanging or storing away neatly. 







6.  The stuffed animal storage bag

Stuffed storageThis storage bag lets you gather all of your children’s soft toys which can also be used as a chair afterwards!  Hurrah and it saves you looking at a soft toy Zoo collection all day, every day!



Now we have saved the best for last as we are just obsessed with this idea

7.  Shower Caddies for your car!  

If your family car has now become your second home, you will need all of those essentials to hand, but remember you all need to fit into the car and still have boot space for shopping and the buggy etc.  Here comes mobile-mummy and mobile-daddy!  You can use these pouches to store all of the essentials for a day out or road trip.

Road trips for new parents


If you have any of your own ideas, please comment below as we love to be organised and are always looking for new ideas!
Thanks for reading our blog.
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